The book

The book

When it comes to preparing for the challenges of the 21st century, all efforts seem to be going into physical forms of adaptation, while we completely neglect the psychological side of things. This is dangerous because the stories we have been telling ourselves as a civilization no longer make sense, and unless we come up with new stories that give us a legitimate place in a decaying world, we risk losing our sanity and giving in to despair, anger, and stupid decisions. The good news is that a coherent sense of reality built on flexible foundations makes it possible to have a really good life, regardless of how much suffering is thrown at it.

And that’s where this project comes in.

Each page of the book is a seed, a memorable bit of wisdom that is easy to digest. The quotes, life hacks and advice in it are from people all over the world, and all over history. Individual pages can be taken out of the book and displayed on a wall, or given to a friend. As all these seeds grow in the brain, connecting previously unrelated dots, they begin to paint a fresh picture of the world which is equal parts exciting, depressing, humbling, flattering, ugly, and beautiful. In this paradigm, the decline of our civilization is no longer a crisis to be averted, but simply a new reality to start adapting to; it is the next chapter in a story that is far bigger than us. It is also the biggest opportunity for spiritual growth that we’ve ever had as a species. So carpe diem.


Want a copy?

Where: It will be available for online purchase worldwide, in paperback and ebook formats.
When: All I can say is “soon”. This 200+ page project is a reflection of my own quest for sanity, so I can’t rush the process!

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