The book

The book


How to decide whether to follow a rule or break it? How to know if it’s time to move on from a job? How to keep hope and sanity in a world full of selfishness and hypocrisy? What are the habits that high achievers have in common?

Answering questions like these is crucially important if you want to lead a fulfilling and ambitious life. Yet there are few such discussions in school or university. As you walk off into the sunset, you are told that the world is your oyster, that you can become anything you want. But the bastards haven’t taught you how to crack it open, and how far you go in life depends largely on the good advice and mentorship you get from the outside.

Life may not give the same opportunities to everyone, but it’s only fair that we all get to start with the same good advice. Given all the threats that not just democracy but the whole of our civilization is facing today, it’s in everyone’s interest that as many clever young adults as possible dare to dream big, and then advance in life methodically in order to achieve these big projects.

That’s the goal of the book I’m writing: a pocket size no-bullshit guide to adult life. The contents and ideas within come from many places, including real world observations, conversations, the near-religious study of the behaviours and patterns of famous high achievers, and of course ten years of reckless personal experience fortunately cushioned by external good advice.

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