The book

The book

It seems that today, our extremely complex and fragile global civilisation is at that moment just after its peak, hanging in mid-air thanks to its huge momentum, and about to come crashing down uncontrollably.

Accepting that this might happen raised a major question in my mind: “Is it possible to live a fulfilling life in the face of impending decline and widespread suffering?”

Surprisingly, the answer I found is “yes, more than ever before”. But only if you (re)build your worldview on solid foundations, grounded in reality.

Each page of this little guide is a seed, a memorable bit of wisdom that is easy to digest. The quotes, life hacks and advice contained in each page are from people all over the world, and all over history. Each page can be cut out of the book and displayed on a wall, or given to a friend. As all these seeds grow in the brain, connecting previously unrelated dots, they begin to paint a fresh picture of the world which is equal parts exciting, depressing, humbling, flattering, ugly, and beautiful. Accepting impossible contradictions is the foundation of a life worth living, no matter how difficult it gets.

“A mind grenade”

“Should be mandatory reading in every classroom and boardroom around the world”

This is one of those books you don’t lend to a friend you get them a copy”

– What I hope reviewers will be saying when I finally publish

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