The book

The book


What’s the right thing to do in a given situation?
What does the right thing even mean? Society is so full of contradictions and lies that it’s tempting to just say “fuck it” and party like it’s the last night on Earth, especially given how dark the future can look.

But don’t give up just yet. Life is a fun game; the problem is that it doesn’t offer the same starting tutorial to everybody. It’s only fair that we all begin adult life with the same essential information on how to get around. Besides, we need as many smart people as possible to believe in themselves and work on solving the many challenges humanity is facing.

This book is a quick-start guide to modern adult life. Pocket sized, easy to read, covering one important topic per page. It’s based on my ten years of experience as an adult, exploring and learning from the world around me, filtering out the noise, focusing on the important stuff. I’m writing it to help ambitious young people find meaning in life and progress efficiently towards their goals.

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