The book

The book

Modern society is insanely complex, full of contradictions, and largely in denial about the future of the planet.

Schools focus on abstract knowledge instead of teaching people how to survive and build a good life in the real world.

This little book is packed with practical information about life that I wish I had learnt in school.

100+ lessons, including:

  • Money is just a tool. Time is what really matters
  • Live a little: how to get wasted properly
  • You can’t never offend anybody
  • How to spot a shitty job offer
  • Nothing’s sacred anymore: the importance of rituals
  • The ”I feel depressed” checklist: have you eaten today?
  • How to resolve an impossible situation
  • An easy life makes you weak, so be glad you’re broke
  • Your girlfriend’s purpose is not to fix you
  • Living standards are about to drop radically. Here’s how to cope
  • Fuck the naysayers: dare to trust your own judgment

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