Welcome to my creative portfolio.

The van: a photo tour of the minibus that I converted into a mobile tiny house.
The lamps: lamps that I build out of trash I find in the wild during my travels.
The book: how to stay sane in the face of civilizational decline

Who’s writing this?

My name is Robin. I used to have an office life in London. Over time I realised that I wasn’t advancing much anymore, and I wasn’t excited about the future.
I started dreaming about going on a big adventure to find clarity, growth, and new projects. Then I bought a cheap old van on eBay, quit my job, spent a year converting this vehicle into a tiny house, and finally hit the road in late 2017. I’ve been living in the van ever since.

From minibus...

… to wood cabin!

Over time, this lifestyle change made me notice things I hadn’t paid attention to before regarding human behavior and the incoherences of modern civilization. Putting words to paper really helped me begin to make sense of the messy times we’re in.

Pre-pandemic van life, 2017-2020

I was on the road until the pandemic hit. Now I’m staying in my home town in France, living in the van most of the time. I take it on the occasional small road trip, but it’s starting to have mechanical issues which I care less and less to find the money to fix as my mindset shifts towards an ever more low-tech, low-cost and local lifestyle.

As a consequence, I’m now working on my next mobile home, which I’m super excited about: the comforts of the van life, combined with the simplicity of bicycle touring. It’s nearly finished, and I’ll be showing it on the website soon. Stay posted!

Meanwhile, if there’s anything you want to ask or tell me, you can reach out here.

Enjoy your visit 🙂


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