Welcome to my creative portfolio.

The van: a photo tour of the minibus that I converted into a mobile tiny house.
The lamps: lamps that I build out of scrap materials found during my travels.
The book: a tool for developing resilience in the face of a chaotic future.

Who’s writing this?

My name is Robin. I used to have an office life in London. Over time I realised that I wasn’t advancing much anymore, and I wasn’t excited about the future.
I started dreaming about going on a big adventure to find clarity, growth, and new projects. Then I bought a cheap old van on eBay, quit my job, spent a year converting this vehicle into a tiny house, and finally hit the road in late 2017. I’ve been living in the van ever since.

From minibus...

… to wood cabin!

I’m currently staying in Strasbourg, France. As it stands, my work hours are allocated to two projects: my mission (publishing a book) and my hobby (making lamps). These two tick my boxes in terms of work satisfaction, but I’ll be looking for a new project soon. I’d like to join a team that’s working on something exciting and useful to society.
If you think you and me could work together, let’s talk!

Enjoy your visit 🙂


Three years on the road

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