Welcome! This is a portfolio of my nomadic projects

The van: a photo tour of the old minibus that I converted into a mobile tiny house.
The lamps: lamps that I build out of scrap materials found during my travels.
The book: my latest project. It’s about helping ambitious young adults snap out of inaction and start improving the world.

Who’s writing this?

My name is Robin. I used to have an office life in London. Over time I realised that it wasn’t for me, and that I wanted my life to become a big adventure, with more purpose, more growth, more great encounters. So I bought a cheap old van on eBay. Soon after that, I quit my job, spent a year converting this vehicle into a tiny house, and finally hit the road in late 2017. I’ve been living in the van ever since, earning money from short term contracts and freelance interior design.

From minibus…

… to wood cabin!

I’m currently on a one year van tour of Europe with my girlfriend. As it stands, my work hours are allocated to two projects: my mission (the book) and my hobby (making lamps). These two tick my boxes in terms of work satisfaction, though they have yet to bring in substantial amounts of money. If you think you and me could work together, let’s talk!

Enjoy your visit 🙂

– Robin